Rattan Furniture Poole

Looking to transform your garden into a gorgeous hub for social gatherings and relaxations with garden furniture? We are the go-to outlet furniture place for Poole citizens striving to find the perfect and affordable design for their garden. Over the years, we have curated a wide range of outdoor furniture that is ideal for your garden, and rattan gives it a luxurious style without compromising practicality.

Poole clients have entrusted us with their gardens, and we don’t come short when guiding you in your decision and catering to your desires and budgetary constraints. Please read on to discover our garden rattan furniture collection that is stocked here in Poole.

Poole Rattan Furniture

Imagine hosting a lovely dinner around sunset at your own rattan dining table or lounging by yourself on a comfortable garden couch where you can easily meditate. Our garden rattan furniture has been used to make cherished memories with loved ones like close friends or family. Consider our garden rattan furniture to be an aesthetic upgrade that adds value and comfort to your garden sittings.

 You may be wondering why rattan is such a pleasurable material. Well, rattan is a lightweight and flexible material that can be shaped into any design we want. Even better, the range of colours that can be utilised is only limited by our imagination. Rattan material can adapt to different shades and tones, and its durability makes it the right choice for your garden.

Besides, resin coating adds more resistance to the material, making it suitable for harsher weather. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about your furniture staying in the garden outdoors. These characteristics come in handy in a coastal area like Poole.

Let’s not forget that rattan garden furniture is easily maintained. You just need to wash it a couple of times with water and dish soap. These benefits are the reason rattan is widely popular for every garden in Poole.

We provide you with a variety of garden furniture options like rattan dining tables that can seat up to 12 people, and you can choose to buy rattan sofas for your garden. Whatever you have in mind for your garden in Poole, our rattan furniture will live up to your expectation in terms of style and comfort. With our furniture, every gathering will be a luxurious celebration. We have thought about every little detail and offer a comprehensive setup that will surely please your family and guests.

Discover our collection of Rattan Furniture

Check out our online store selection of furniture pieces for your garden. Conversely, pay us a visit here in Poole to check them yourself and have a unique in-person shopping experience. Whichever way you choose, you will get a glimpse of our attractive furniture pieces that can become a necessary part of your garden. Our warehouses are open seven days a week and allow thorough inspection. You can make sure by yourself that the quality is as good as we claim.

We encourage you to call us before you come over so that our team can expect and prepare for your visit. This way, you’ll have a non-interrupted experience with the right amount of attention and guidance to pick your furniture wisely.

On our website, you can view our furniture pieces that are pleasant for your garden or indoor settings. All prices are listed with each furniture item so that you can make the right decision given your budgetary constraint.

Why Choose Dorset Furniture Outlet?

We are not your ordinary outlet, and our reputation precedes us in Poole. We have partnered with the well-known Kesterport, the leading furniture brand, with garden furniture prices that will blow your mind. Kesterport has delivered first-class furniture pieces to renowned international places like Burj Al Arab Hotel, Houses of Parliament, Harrods, Selfridges, and many more.

The stature of Kesterport’s clients speaks for itself, and their rattan sets are an integral part of their team’s repertoire. They are the leading brand in luxury furniture pieces in the UK and not just in Poole, offering a good balance between the practicality and beauty of rattan furniture.

Even more, we are proud of our collaboration with Klarna Pay. This affiliation has enabled us to offer you the best financial deal on garden furniture you’ll ever witness. Our Poole clients can now split their bill into three equal instalments, with no hidden fees whatsoever. Not only that, but it also has zero impact on your credit card score, so no pressure.

We pride ourselves on such partnerships since we are in line with their vision and people-centric mentality. We believe that everyone is entitled to high-quality, luxurious garden furniture regardless of the budget. We are committed to our vision and work relentlessly to provide an impressive furniture collection for our Poole clients. Sometimes, we offer discounts of up to 40% of the retail price on our garden furniture pieces.

Our Range of Garden Furniture

You name it; we have it. We stock countless numbers of designs that can suit any idea that you have for your garden. If you want your garden to be an oasis of relaxation, a kids playground, or a social hub for gatherings, we have it all. You will always find the right garden furniture that will complement the vision you have for your garden and the ambience you’d like to create.

To begin with, if you’re the type of person who likes hosting big gatherings, we have the right furniture collection for your garden. Our Pipin Rattan Sofa and Dining set tick every box for your memorable celebrations. For summer meals, you will find our Duke Rattan Sofa and Dining Set to be ideal for your garden. Alternatively, for social gatherings, the large Social XL 7pcs Rattan Sofa Set and Coffee Table are the perfect garden furniture.

Our comprehensive garden furniture collection doesn’t stop here. We also stock rattan cube furniture for al fresco dining. This furniture comes with foldable rattan chairs so you can put them away when not in use. Our purpose is to make your garden as pleasurable as possible, given your budget. Besides, we want our furniture to be the highlight of your day. Every garden is a stress reliever and an escape from daily routine and unwanted stress from work.

Contact Us for Your Rattan Furniture in Poole

You can now take advantage of the best garden furniture in town. With Dorset Furniture Outlet, even the pickiest of clients can find what they’re looking for in our garden rattan furniture to enhance the aesthetics of their garden. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any inquiry, and we’re waiting for you to come to visit us. Remember to make an appointment before.

Alternatively, you can browse online on the relevant rattan garden furniture page. You can reach out to us by dialling 07886 623 042 or send your queries to hq@dorsetfurnitureoutlet.co.uk.